16 Illustrations To Better Understand What Your Dog Is Thinking


Fortunately or unfortunately our furry canine friends can't speak like we can, which often leaves things up to interpretation. What many people don't realize however, is that your dog is speaking to you through his body language.These 16 different images each represent a different sign your pooch is trying to show you. Remember these and you can form a closer bond with your companion through trust and understanding.

1. Yawn


Dogs typically yawn when they're nervous or around dogs they don't know. It could mean he'sagitated and grumpy. However, if heyawns right after you do, that means that he'sattached and cares about you.

2. Ears up


This means your pooch is intently focused either because he's curious or he's reacting to a new environment.

3. Eyes wide open


This is your pup trying to get your attention. By regarding you in such an intense manner, he's challenging you to respond.

4. Licks his face


When helicks hisface, it most often means he's feeling threatened.

5. Squints or blinks


Most times this means he's ready to play! But if he does it more than normal, it might mean his eyes are bothering him, and you should get them checked.

6. Back towards you


If your canine pal turns his back to you it means he trusts you.

7. Shakes himself


He may be shaking off water, or may be releasing tension.

8. High tail wag


A high tail wag means he's challenging your dominance. He wants to show that he's the boss.

9. One paw raised


This is a sign he wants something! It might be food or to play, or for hunting breeds, to check out something interesting.

10. Flattens his ears


A dog with flattened ears means he's scared. This might be from meeting new unfamiliar people or an unfamiliar situation.

11. Wags his tail low


When he wags his tail low it shows he's being submissive. He's possibly a little confused and waiting for you to take charge of the situation and tell him what to do.

12. Puts his paw on your leg


This is his wolf instincts kicking in. He is trying to assert his dominance over you. The best way to show him who's boss (so that he doesn't go too far with it) is to look him in the eyes and remove his paw.

13. Rolls onto his back


Your pup is showing you his vulnerable stomach which means he trusts you! If you give him a nice scratch on the belly, you'll show him that you approve.

14. He puts his head on you


This one's pretty obvious, but he just wants attention! Your dog is trying to get you to pet him and give him some love.

15. Exposing his teeth


If your pooch is showing his teeth without growling, it's simply him trying to protect his territory, especially during mealtime.

16. Tail between the legs


When hetucks his tail between his legs it is a sign that something is wrong. He might be in pain or scared of something. If things don't improve or there's no obvious cause, take him to the vet.

(Illustrations by Sofia Kuznetsova) H/t: Brightside

* * *

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