19 Reasons Why Adopting A Dachshund Is The Worst Idea You Could Ever Have


Dachshunds originally come from Germany where they were used to hunt badgers and other creatures that live in warrens. Today, their tiny legs and long body are easily recognizable and a source of humor for many. But be warned; they were bred to be tough enough to hunt down some of nature's most fearsome forest creatures and they really don't like being laughed at.Trust me - You definitely, absolutely should not adopt a demonic little dachshund. It could be the last thing you ever do.

1. They are truly ferocious 

sausage dog funny

Source: Buzzsharer

2. They can overpower you with a simple cuddle - but don't be fooled. They have ulterior motives



3. And those motives are world domination

4. They're so powerful that they can make any breed into a Dachshund - just ask this Pit Bull/Dachshund mix!

dashound mix

Source: Rami/Facebook

Don't believe us? Check out our article on amazing dachshund mixes!

5. They'll try and discover all your secrets by stealing your mail

6. Being called sausage or wiener dogs makes them think they're entitled to hot dogs at all times

weiner dogs

Source: Dog Shaming

7. If you don't give them what they want, they'll guilt trip you with their cuteness

sausage dogs

Source: Tarnation/imgur

8. Dachshunds don't come cheap. They require at least five costumes, which they will mainly use for spy work


Source: AP

9. The deception never ends. Dachshunds can actually hover and only pretend to use their tiny little legs

10. Others prefer to use wheels

11. But one thing's for sure. They WON'T want to play with you

12. Or go on adventures with you

13. Does this look like a pup who likes to party?

14. Of course not

15. They'd much rather plot their rise to power 

dash hounds

Source: Yulia Titovets

16. And terrorize the rest of the family

17. Think these two are peaceful hippies? Think again

18. We're serious. Whatever you do...

dash hound

Source: dachshund_6_and_max_the_pit/Instagram

19. Never, EVER adopt a dachshund! 

wiener dog

Source: pepperminidachshund/Instagram

If you do decide that you want a dachshund, see if you can find one in a shelter before deciding to buy. You can find purebred dogs in shelters just like any other!If you want to get a sausage dog puppy, make sure that you don’t support the abusive puppy mill and backyard breeder industry by getting your new family member through a trusted breeder. Ethical breeders will want to meet you several times before they sell you a puppy, will let you see the puppy with their mom, brothers and sisters and will raise their dogs in a home environment.

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