15 Reasons To Never, EVER Adopt A Scottish Fold


The Scottish fold is characterized by their unique, yet adorable appearance.They display surprisingly round features and a round body structure with short to medium legs.Famed for their highly adaptive, playful yet even-keeled attitudes, it is easy to introduce them to new pets, people and settings.We know what you're thinking; perfect adoption material right? Well you would most definitely be mistaken and here are 15 reasons why...

1. Adorable? Nah...


2. Thinking of going out without them? Think again.


3. Be warned: They are highly energetic creatures!


4. Oh, and did we mention highly graceful too!


5. Grand gestures are a MUST.


6. They are not at all playful, so prepare to be bored.


7. Your favorite chair...? That's theirs now.


8. They may look cute, but beneath their fluffy exterior lies an evil meglomaniac.


9. There is a 99% chance they will be more photogenic than you...


10. Privacy will be a thing of the past...they are ALWAYS watching...


11. Oh and you better be prepared to cater for their gaming obsession!

Source: Funny Animals

12. You know, they might just be TOO cute...

Source: Pinterest

13. But don't worry, they will definitely help you out with the ironing...


14. So whatever you do...


15. Never, EVER adopt a Scottish Fold.

Source: Stella's Place

If you do decide that you want a Scottish Fold, see if you can find one in a shelter before deciding to buy.If you want to get a Scottish Fold kitten, make sure that you don’t support the abusive kitten mills and backyard breeder industry by getting your new family member through a trusted breeder. Ethical breeders will want to meet you several times before they sell you a kitten, will let you see the kitten with their mom, brothers and sisters and will raise their cats in a home environment.