15 Pictures Of The Cutest Golden Retriever Puppies That Will Make Your Heart Melt


Golden Retrievers: lovable, loyal and endlessly sweet natured. It's not hard to see why they're one of the world's most popular breeds! Their puppies are especially adorable with their floppy ears and big smiles, so here are a whole bunch that are sure to make you go "awww!":

1. A handsome little pup who's ready to play

Source: Golden Retriever

2. A trio of trouble

Source: Wamiz

3. What's better than one puppy? An entire couch of them!

Source: Golden Retriever 

4. This pup is ready to party...

Source: Wamiz

5. ...While this one is ready for a snooze!

Source: Clari Calahari

6. Mom's pretty adorable too

Source: Golden Retriever

7. The floppiest puppy you've ever seen

Source: Tumblr

8. "I'm ready for my boop!"

Source: Instagram/dannithegolden

9. Rain isn't a problem for this intrepid explorer

Source: goldenretrieveradvice

10. This little guy's only just woken up from his nap

Source: imgur

11. "I can take myself out for a walk, thank you!"

Source: Instagram/goldenretrieversworld

12. A very cute pair of puppy pals

Source: Instagram/thegoldenboyremi

13. "Hey, mom! I got you a present!"

Source: goldenr

14. Showing off his flowing locks

Source: the-digital-picture

15. It's a hard life, when everyone loves you 

Source: imgur

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