15 Incredible Photos Of The Most Bizarre-Looking Animals On Earth


We know that the animal kingdom is full of weird and wonderful creatures. But we didn't know that these bizarre-looking ones existed until now!Some are very rare, whilst others are surprisingly common in their native areas. One thing's for sure, you won't forget what they look like easily.Here's a list of 15 of the strangest-looking animals to walk, swim, and fly the earth:

1. Golden snub-nosed monkey

Golden _Monkey (4)

Source: @AmoLife

This incredible blue-faced monkey lives in themountainous forests of central and south-western China. The primatekeeps itself warm during the snowy months with itscoat of beautiful golden fur. Sadly, this species isendangered due to habitat loss and poaching for fur, meat and use in traditional medicine.

2. Gelada


Source: @Reddit

Geladas live in the Ethiopian mountains and despite those big gnashers, they are in fact the last remaining grass-eating primates. They're noticeablefor their impressive hair coats and the patch of hairless skin on their chests that can be a bright crimson color.

3. Gerenuk

Source: @Despines

These unusal-looking antelopes are calledGerenuks which suitably means "giraffe-necked" in Somali. They stand on their back legs to feed, allowing them to reach higher branches and vegetation that normal antelopes cannot. They reside predominately in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

4. Proboscis monkey


Source: @FactZoo

This hilarious-looking primate is recognisable from his large,bulging nose. They are found in Borneo, and themales use their prominent noses to attract mates.Proboscis monkeys areone of the largest monkey species native to Asia, and can weigh up to 30kg.

5. Maned wolf


Source: @imgur & @wikimedia

This long-legged canid (dogs, wolves, foxes)look like a cross between a fox and a deer, and can be found in South America. The hair on their necks can stand erect when they're alert, giving them their namesake manes.

6. Goblin shark


Source: @imgur

Don't worry, thesescary-looking sharks live in very deep seas around the world, so they won't be coming to get you! Goblin sharks can grow up to 20 feet long and they catch prey using theirextending jaw, which you can see in action above.

7. Chevrotain


Source: @imgur

This weird yet adorable creature is also known as a mouse-deer, unsurprising considering they really do look like a cross between the two. Chevrotains live in parts of Asia and Africa. There are several different species, but the smallest ones weigh as little as 4.4 pounds.

8. Hooded Seal


Source: @TheDodo

Hooded seals arefound in the north Atlantic and can measure around 9 feet long. This male onelooks like he's got some big expanding red bulge on the end of his nose. And he does! When the male hooded seal wants to attract females, he blows as hard as he can out his left nostril and out comes a big red balloon. An interesting mating technique if we ever saw one...

9. Coconut crab


Source: @reddit

These giant hermit crabsare the largest terrestrial invertebrates measuring in at three-feet wide. They can be found near the Indian Ocean and parts of the Pacific.They can live to be over 60 years old and are named due totheir love forcoconuts, which they are obviously cracking at breaking open!

10. Akapi


Source: @wikipedia & @bonoboincongo

The Akapi may look like a zebra, but it's actually more closely related to the giraffe. Along with large, flexible ears, they've also got incredibly long tongues that they useto reach up tohigh branches, andeven wash themselves.

11. Bush Viper


Source: @Reddit

These awesome snakes almost look like dragons, and they come in a stunning variety of colours. They live in the tropics of sub-Saharan Africa and although they are only about two feet in length, they are quite venomous to humans.

12. Superb Bird of Paradise


Source: @Reddit

The superb bird of paradise is one of the most extraordinarybirds in the world. The species has an unusually low population of females, socompetition amongst males for mates is intensely fierce. This has led tothe most bizarre and elaborate courtship display in the avian world - a full-on dance routine.

13. Fossa


Source: @Marwell & @MongaBay

The fossa is a strange mix between a weasel and a cat and he is the largest predator on the island of Madagascar. They can grow up to six feet in length and are said to be descended from the mongoose family.

14. Bald Uakari



It's clearly not an easy task having a bald bright red head... These bald uakari certainly don't think so. Despite their furry coats, their red faces are due to capillaries that run under their facial tissue. This unusual-looking primate can be found in the western Amazon of Brazil and Peru.

15. Shoebill


Source: @Giphy

This giant stork-like bird is really rather bizarre. It lives in tropical east Africa and is known for its large beak which makes it look like it's constantly smiling... Add in those rolling eyes and it gets freaky! They can reach up to five feet in height (!), and use their notable beaks to go after fish, turtles and even small crocodiles...

Featured image: @imeimage & @emaze

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