15 Hilarious Photos Of Animals From Around The Web That Will Make Your Day

Andrea A.

Animals can sometimes make the best comedians, without even realizing! Here are the 15 funniest photos from around the web of animals in all their hilarious glory.

1. Strike!

Source: Kammick Kennels (Jennifer Fairbairn)

2. Found: The cat who ate the cream. And the cake. And six macaroons. 

Source: YouTube

3. "Get back! I'm armed and incredibly dangerous!"

Source : Pinterest

4. "Doug. Hey, Doug. I'm a unicorn."

Source:  Imas/Clive McMahon/EPA

5. "Fantastic."

Source: Tom Stables/Comedy Wildlife

7. "Hey, do you have change for $20?"

Source: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

8. "To war, Sir Clarence!"

Source: Brenden Simpson

8. "I think I might have missed the pool..."

Source: Angela Bohlke

9. "Who am I? Where am I? What does it all mean?"

Source: FamousNiki

10. He really doesn't like balloons, we did tell you.


11. He's a pure-bread golden wheatriever.

Source: fernandocuhhh

12. "Hey! Second violin, you're flat!"

Source: Perdita Petzl

13. "I hate Mondays."

Source: Austin Thomas

14. Say cheese!

Source: Dutton Robert

15. "WAIT... I think I left the oven on!"

Source: Barcroft Images

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