15 Hilarious And Adorable Pictures Of Dogs Who Think They're Cats


Most people think that dogs and cats hate each other, but that simply isn't true. Many families find that their pets get along really well, as long as they are introduced properly.In some cases, dogs love their smaller companions so much that they even start to pick up behavior which is definitely more feline. Check out these confused canines:

1. Dogs are supposed to sit here, right? Right.  

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2. And boxes are for all kinds of animals, great and small 

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3. "What? Of course I'm a cat! Can't you tell by the ears?"  

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4. "She said there wasn't space on the sofa for me, so I proved her wrong." 

Source: reddit

5. "I, personally, think that Huskies are a very unique breed of cat." 

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6. "If I can't see you, you can't see me." 

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7. "The cat was right - this is the comfiest spot!" 

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8. One of these things is not like the other

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9. Getting stuck in trees is far more fun with your best friend

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11. "What dogs are you talking about? There are only cats here."

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12. "Nothing to see here, just a cat going about her cat business."

Source: 9gag

13. "I wanted the top bunk..."

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14. "Would a dog like boxes this much? I think not."

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15. And finally, this rather loud acrobat!

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