15 Annoying Little Things That Dogs Do That We Can't Help But Find Cute

You know how your dog insists on rolling in the dirtiest things he can find in the park? Or walking straight through that puddle? Yeah, there are a few of those irritating things that dogs do.As much as we love them, sometimes they can make you have a grumble. Nevertheless, most of us still seem to find these little traits adorable. Most of us...Here are 15 things our pups do that sometimes get on our nerves (but just add to their overall charm at the end of the day):

1. Without fail, your dog will always walk through a puddle if there's one. Or sit in it, just to really wind you up.


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2. And probably ruin your flower beds.


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3. When they think they are helping open your Christmas cards...


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4. They sometimes manage to always make a mess with their food.

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5. Or they're constantly begging for yours...


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6. Otherwise they know all the tricks to steal your food.


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7. We can all relate to this one.


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8. When they pass wind, you know about it...


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9. All that dog hair... Everywhere.


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10. When they keep changing their mind about going outside.


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11. When they want you to throw the tennis ball, but refuse to give it to you!

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12. Every so often, you'll find a pee on the carpet.


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13. They lick you and lick you and lick you.


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14. Forget about that Sunday lie-in...


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15. And you always have odd socks...


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But do you know what? All of these little irritating habits of theirs only make them that much cuter. And this is why we love them!

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