14-Year-Old Risks His Life To Save His Beloved Dog From A House Fire


This 14-year-old was faced with a situation that would scare even the hardiest of adults.At around 7:30 a.m. on December 2, Mike Assi had just gotten on the bus on his way to school when he noticed smoke coming from his house as they passed by. He jumped up and demanded the bus driver stop.



His Phoenix, Arizona, home was on fire. Luckily, his family was at workat the time, but his dog, Zack, was still trapped in the blaze.He could not bear leaving his the nine-year-old Pit Bull in there for one moment longer, so despite protests from the bus driver, he ran towards his house. Azzi told Fox 10 News:

I start yelling for my dog's name because I knew he was in there. He wouldn't come out the front door. There was a lot of pitch-black smoke.

He ran around to the back of the house and opened the back door, constantly calling for Zack.



Finally the dog came bounding out.

He comes out through the backyard. He sat in the backyard... he wouldn't move. We were too close to the house. I had to pick him up to bring out through the front yard.

Thanks to Assi his dog made it out safe. The duo was reunited with his mother who rushed home from work as soon as she heard the news.



His mom, Hanna Bress, told Fox News:

He grew up with the dog... he spent a lot of time with his sister in her house, that's why he loves him to death... he not going to leave him.

The two received a clean bill of health and are doing well. Unfortunately, all of their belongings were lost in the fire. The family set up a Gofundme page, and thanks to the number of people who were touched by this story, they raised enough money to help them get back on their feet (donations are now closed).

H/t: Fox 10 News