14 Plastic Totes Left Outside A Shelter Contain Alarming Surprise


Volunteers at Cat House on the Kingswere extremely confused when they saw 14 plastic totes laying in front of the building. Their confusion turned to alarm when they realized what was inside: 16 cats.


Source: Cat House on the Kings

Harvie Schreiber of the Cat House on the Kings told Love Meow:

The plastic tubs all matched and had carefully-drilled air holes in them and were zip-tied closed to keep the kitties inside. Every tub had a fleece blanket.

Source: Cat House on the Kings

The shelter is no-kill and they accept all the animals brought into their care. The sanctuary has over 800 cats living on the 12 acre compound in Palier, California.Of the 16 felines who arrived at the shelter one is a mama and she has two babies with her. The other 13 are between five months and three years old.


Source: Cat House on the Kings

A lot of them are dazed from the changes in their lives, but they are in overall good condition.

The cats were not dirty, ill, or skinny... they seemed to have been well taken care of. Some of the younger adults/teenage kittens are pretty friendly. Many of the cats are polydactyls (with extra toes).

Source: Cat House on the Kings

The good news is the kitties will be well taken care of! However, the unexpected influx will make things a little difficult for the sanctuary. It costs a lot of money to look after all the animals in their care, and every little bit helps. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

H/t: Love Meow

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