13 Vital Tips For A Happy And Successful Holiday With Your Dog


Taking a plane with a pet is no fun and games. The admin is stressful enough, not to mention your pup's nerves (as well as your own) which can quickly turn a holiday into hell.

No fear! We have put together 13 essential pieces of advice so that everything goes to plan, right up until your arrival.


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1.Make sure that your airline of choice allows dogs on board and read up on their rules regarding animal transport. Most airlines will onlylet your dog travel in the cabin if he weighs less than 8kg and travelsin a specific carrier.Other dogs will have to travel in the hold. It is therefore highly recommended that you find out about all your airline's regulations when you make the reservation.2. It's always best to take direct flights to avoid any unnecessary stress, especially if your pup has to travel in the hold - for your own peace of mind as much as for your dog's.3. See your vet before travelling to make sure that your dog's vaccinations are up to date. He must also have a European passport and be fitted with a microchip to travel within the EU.


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4. Each airline will only allow a limited number of animals on board. Confirm your pup's place on board 72 hours before flying.

Be warned: snub nose dogs (pugs, bulldogs, boxers, Pekingese etc.) may experience breathing difficulties due to their anatomy. For this reason, some airlines won't allow them on board. Specify your dog's breed before making the booking.

5. When the big day comes, arrive early (at least two hours before the flight) so there are no admin problems.

6. It's best not to take your dog out of his carrier before boarding. The crowding, noise and general agitation of the airport may make him more stressed.


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7. If your dog is travelling in the hold, consider writing his name and your telephone number on his cage.

8. Get your dog used to his carrier by putting him inside regularly for a few days before your departure.

9. If you can, put some water - or even better, a block of ice - in his cage, as well as a blanket just in case he gets cold.


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10. To prevent him from getting stressed once inside the plane, ask your vet for a relaxant (preferably  something homeopathic).

It's best to avoid sleeping pills, as these will disturb his natural thermoregulation during the flight and may result in respiratory problems because of the altitude.


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11. Don't feed your dog for 3 or 4 hours before the flight. But do make sure that he is well-hydrated.

12. If you can, take your pup for a long walk before the flight to relax him.

13. Take him for a walk upon arrival so that he gets used to his new surroundings.