13 Reasons To Never, EVER Adopt A Persian Chinchilla

Renown for their beauty and striking emerald eyes, the Persian Chinchilla is a cat adored by many. Their playful yet gentle nature is unparalleled and may give them the illusion of being the ultimate house cat....However, don't be fooled by their perfect, doll-like features and spectacular coat of fur for these are creatures of mass destruction. Thinking of adopting one? Here are 13 reasons to make you think again...

1. They know exactly how to get what they want...forget puppy-dog eyes, it's all about kitty-cat eyes!


2. You can forget about that paper you have in for tomorrow. The only thing you should be focusing on is them.


3. They have been known to get quite jealous...


4. The fluff is REAL. Just think about all those hairs everywhere!


5. They must always be dressed in the latest fashion...did someone say bow ties?


6. They are terrifying creatures of mass destruction. Just look!


7. Thinking of having a nice, relaxing bath without them...? Think again.


8. Oh and did we mention they all look the same, ugh how boring...


9. Adorable? Nah.


10. You may just get lost in those beautiful, emerald eyes of theirs...


11. They always look like they're up to no good...


12. So please, whatever you do...


13. Never, EVER adopt a Persian Chinchilla!

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bgi4glxHWa0/?tagged=persianchinchillaIf you do decide that you want a Persian Chinchilla, see if you can find one in a shelter before deciding to buy.If you want to get a��Persian Chinchilla kitten, make sure that you don���t support the abusive kitten mills and backyard breeder industry by getting your new family member through a trusted breeder. Ethical breeders will want to meet you several times before they sell you a kitten, will let you see the kitten with their mom, brothers and sisters and will raise their cats in a home environment.