13 Everyday Foods That Your Dog Should NEVER Eat

Andrea A.

Pizza, chocolate chip cookies, mushroom risotto... Your dog has a thousand opportunities to beg you for food with just one glance from their puppy dog eyes. But be careful. Before sharing your meal, be sure that it doesn’t contain one of these 13 foods that are dangerous for dogs. Because even a single grape could be detrimental to their health.

1. Alcohol


Source : @mrgizmothepugNo dog should have alcohol. Their body simply cannot tolerate it. It’s very bad for them and can lead to serious intoxication, a coma and even death. Even if they are given the tiniest bit. Raise a glass of water with your dog instead.

2. Grapes


Source : @PuplifeFine as a costume. Never fine in the stomach. Grapes are a danger to your dog. In juice, in cereals, cooked, raw...They affect their digestive system and their kidneys. Why? Vets still don’t really understand. Stranger still, some breeds are more sensitive than others.

3. Fatty, salty foods...


Source : @Miguel The Pug & BuddiesNo, dogs aren’t dustbins. If you thought you could give your dog your leftovers without carefully checking through them, think again. Never let your dog finish your steak if there are only fatty bits left for example.Never give them large quantities of rind. Dogs find it extremely hard to tolerate fatty and salty foods. Their pancreas is very fragile. An overload of salt and fat (e.g. three slices of bacon wolfed down in five minutes) leads to an overproduction of enzymes in the pancreas and can lead to pancreatitis.

4. Sugary foods


Source : @thatgoldendogThe same goes for sugary foods. Biscuits, cake, sweets, sugar cubes… None of these are good for your dog. They will have a higher risk of contracting diabetes if they develop a sweet tooth. It’s also well known that diabetes in dogs can end up making them blind. The bilateral cataract (when their eyes turn white) is one of the first signs of the illness.

5. Avocado


Source : @Things On Hazel's HeadGuacamole with crisps is delicious. But your dog must never have a taste of this treat. Avocado is very poisonous for them. The culprit: a molecule called persine that attacks their stomachs. And of course, the stone can also give them a pretty rough time.

6. Garlic (and leeks, onions and chives)


Source : @Things On Hazel's HeadNo doubt, your dog has already got bad breath as it is (in fact, this isn’t normal and should worry you). Therefore, there’s no need to give them a garlic clove to chew on. Most importantly,  garlic, leeks, onion and chive contain poison for dogs (diallyl and propyl disulfide) that can damage their red blood cells and could result in death.

7. Lactose


Source : @rileybeannEven if puppies can have milk, whether it’s from a cow or from a different source, (ideally their mother’s milk), as they grow up they become intolerant to lactose. The symptoms are very clear: vomiting, diarrhoea...So let’s forget milk.

8. Chocolate


Source : @The NewYork TimesIt is POISON for dogs. Here is what you absolutely must know about chocolate and the 4 signs that will help you recognise a poisoning.

9. Caffeine


Source : @ajpechovaLike chocolate, caffeine affects a dog’s nervous system and their heart rate. Besides the fact that they certainly don’t need it to wake up (or to wake you up), you must make sure they avoid it at all costs. The consequences can be dire: heart palpitations, or even death...

10. Egg whites


Source : @gezzyskillAre you planning to bake a cake for your dog’s birthday? Bad idea. Egg whites are toxic for dogs. They contain a molecule called avidin that tracks and detroys the vitamin B8 in the dog’s body. This vitamin is vital for absorbing proteins and fats.

11. Mushrooms


Source : @kogacorgiLike humans, mushroom poisoning is very common in dogs. Essentially it leads to  serious liver problems and neurological disorders... Some mushrooms are even fatal depending on the dose. Immediately consult your vet if you are at all in doubt after taking them on a walk in the woods.

12. Bones (some of them)


Source : @Joseph NienstedtIt’s a giant myth. Bones aren’t a dog’s best friend. Although some bones may be alright. Enemy Number One: cooked bones. This is because once cooked, bones become weak and can get stuck in dog’s teeth, which can lead to choking, or worse, they could perforate the walls of the stomach or intestine. Never give your dog rabbit or chicken bones. Whether they are raw or cooked, they are always dangerous.

13. Chewing gum


Source : @Bubble ZooYour dog is panicking before his Tindog date. He asks you for some chewing gum to be on the safe side. Always say no. Most chewing gums contain xylitol, a softener that dogs find extremely difficult to digest and that could end up harming their stomach. Assure them that there are other ways to refresh breath!

Featured image : @The NewYork Times