13 Cats Found Dead From Suspected Poisoning In Nice, France

Andrea A.

As of last week, 13 cats have been found dead in Nice, southern France. Their bodies were discovered in the Villa Clary residence, as French newspaper Nice Matin reports.Locals of the area took it upon themselves to look after the cats, some feeding them for many years. Many of them even had names. People are outraged about the dire situation with Ninon Nine saying on Facebook:

I live right in front. I saw when they discovered and picked up their lifeless corpses. These cats never bothered anyone and several people in the area fed them. I myself fed the cats. It's disgraceful.

Source: DR (via Nice Matin)

Residents of the area are convinced that their deaths weren't accidental with some suspecting they were poisoned deliberately. The SDA, an animal rights charity in Nice has filed a complaint to the authorities so that an autopsy can be carried out to determine the exact cause of their deaths.There is a risk that more cats will end up dead with five claimed to have gone missing.The person, or people responsible, if they are ever found, risk paying a 1,500 euro ($1900) fine.

H/t: Nice Matin/20 Minutes