12-Year-Old Girl Has Rescued Over 60 Dogs And Plans To Keep Going


Two years ago,Agung Dewi fell extremely ill from food poisoning. Stuck in her hospital bed for several weeks, she was unable to move and became very frustrated. In order to lift her spirits, her dad brought her a stray pup he found wandering the streets of Ubud, a province in Bali.


The young girl's days were brightened by the pup's presence and she felt like she had a fresh will to live. Her health instantly became better and she knew she hadher pet, Selip, to thank for her recovery. Once she left the hospital, she immediately adopted him.Her way of giving back was to help the stray dogs in her village. Over the past two years,Agung has saved more than 60 dogs and taken them to her home. Currently, she has 29 staying with her.


With the help of her supportive family, she gives dogs who would have otherwise been killed by local authorities a home, a place to play and food, as well as lots of love and affection. Each day after school, Agung plays and walks with all 29 dogs.


It seems as if the young heroine does not plan on stopping there, either. As long as there are stray dogs in her village, she will take them under her wing.Unsurprisingly, the young girl's initiative did not go unnoticed. TheBali Animal Welfare Associationwas so moved by her story that they now sponsor her food and toys for all her dogs.


When she's older, the girl would like to become a police officer to play her role in combatting against the bad treatment of animals in her region.


If you would like to help Agung, you can make a donation here so that she can continue saving dogs and helping them live a better life.

H/t: Metro.co.uk