12 Simple Tricks To Make Every Dog Parent's Life Easier


We like making you and your dog's lives just that bit easier. So here are 12simple life hacks for you and your dog that will save you time, money, and stress! Genius!

1. If your dog eats too fast, put a ball in their dog bowl.


Source: @ThriftyFun

2. Cut a slit in a tennis ball and fill it with treats to entertain your dog for hours.


Source: @HeidisHouse

3. Save time on tying knots by using a carabiner to secure your dog's leash.


Source: @imgur

4. Use a plastic jug or cereal holder to keep dog food fresh and easier to pour.


Source: @Buzzfeed

5. You can use rubber gloves to remove dog hair from your clothes, car, or upholstery.


Source: @RealSimple

6. If it's freezing or boiling underfoot, rub Vaseline on your dog's paws to protect them from the extreme temperatures.


Source: @Buzzfeed

7. Use an old sock and an empty water bottle to create the perfect crinkle toy for your pup!


Source: @RompRescue

8. Instead of expensive dog treats, just sprinkle some parsley on your dog’s food for fresher breath.


Source: @Dogtutorial

9. If your dog has to take a pill, bury it in a little pocket of peanut butter.


Source: @365daysofbaking

10. DIY a cute dog bed using a laundry basket, a pillow, and a blanket.


Source: @Instructables

11. For a yummy, cooling treat on hot days, cut up apples in low sodium chicken broth and freeze in an ice cube tray.


Source: @Petsanta

12. Make a cool new pet bed by taking out the drawers from furniture.


Source: @hometalk