12 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Dogs Going To Vote Today


Today marks the general election in the UK and Brits from all over the country are flocking to polling stations to cast their votes. However, they're not going unaccompanied, and many voters bring their four-pawed friends along with them.The photos of these adorable and politically active pooches outside of polling stations have taken the internet by storm and the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations has become an online sensation.Here are 12 of our favorite dogs playing their part in society:


Either way, get out and vote today! #dogsatpollingstations #MontyforPM

��� Kate Fitch (@FitchyK) June 8, 2017



Don't forget to vote, kids. #dogsatpollingstations��� Emma Buchanan (@emmmaarclaairee) June 8, 2017


Gus getting his vote in early #dogsatpollingstations

��� J Warren (@joesteph) June 8, 2017



Decisions are made by those that show (p)up. Sprocket says VOTE! #dogsatpollingstations��� Roo Goodwin (@mallocuproo) June 8, 2017


Here we are again #dogsatpollingstations

��� Buddy Storey (@BuddyPortsmouth) June 8, 2017



please go & vote today for the puppers that can't #dogsatpollingstations��� halle (@midniighter) June 8, 2017


Today is the last day to register to vote: Just do it, look at the cute #DogsAtPollingStations you might miss #doge

��� Charlotte Maloney (@GMCC_Charlotte) May 22, 2017



Go online & register to vote before May 22 & you can share the joy of #dogsatpollingstations #GE2017��� Fourth sister (@Six_Sisters) May 18, 2017


Hagrid, Hermionie and Bertie guessing the size of the new parliament. Large, Medium and small parties! #dogsatpollingstations

��� Hagrid Leonberger (@HagridLeonberg) June 8, 2017



If you don't have time / cba / forgot to vote, shame on you. Think of all the #dogsatpollingstations you can pet, including @erocdog��� north four magazine (@northfour_) June 8, 2017


A v. good dog ������ #dogsatpollingstations #IVoted

��� Rachel Ella Thomas (@rachellos) June 8, 2017



Toby says get out there and vote #dogsatpollingstations��� Pete Durrant (@petedurrant) June 8, 2017

Take a tip from these good boys and don't forget to vote!

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