12 Of The Happiest Cats Having A Better Day Than You


Cats aren't known for being the most affectionate and happy creatures, but all cat owners know that just isn't true. Our feline friends love the company of their humans as well as their own and when they are having a good day, it's all too easy to see.We've compiled 12 of the cutest photos of cats clearly having the best day ever. Enjoy the adorable list below:

1. This cat is definitely having a better day than you!

Source: Instagram/

2. This kitten can't stop smiling after finding the perfect nap spot, the sink!

Source: Instagram/@theadventuresofpadfootandmoony

3. “This is the best day ever!”

Source: Instagram/@gloria_xx0817

4. This cat is comfortable in any position!

Source: Instagram/@emmacroxford83

5. Nothing could ruin this happy cat's zen. 

Source: Instagram/@hotel_purrville

6. Just look at him, clearly having a better day than you!

Source: Reddit/Zombieddy

7. “If it fits, I sits.”

Source: Cutestpaw/Hollis J. Works

8. Happy feet!

Source: Reddit/Justnotdetectable

10. She can't contain her excitement for movie night!

Source: Instagram/@cadeybirdjohnson

11. This fluffy girl is so excited to be reunited with her chin scratches!

Source: Instagram/@sopylou


Source: Reddit/Cynaster

These gorgeous cats are so happy and they just can't hide it!

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