12 Fruits And Veggies That Your Pup Will Go Bananas For

Andrea A.

The benefits of fruit and veg don’t just apply to humans, dogs need their vitamins and minerals too. 5-a-day might be a stretch too far, but giving your dog a bit of fruit and veg contributes wonderfully to a healthy, balanced diet.

Here is a list of 12 types of fruit and veg that promote your dog’s health and happiness!

1. Salad, spinach, cabbage...


Leafy greens are really good for dogs. Rich in minerals, antioxidants and fibre, they speed up metabolism and aid digestion.

2. Apples


Apples are the ideal snack. They stimulate the immune system and are great for your dog’s dental hygiene. Caution: make sure you remove the pips as they are poisonous for dogs.

3. Bananas


Full of fibre and minerals, they are the perfect treat. Be careful not to give your dog too many, as they could become constipated.

4. Carrots



Carrots are great for your dog’s skin and will give him a thick and glossy coat. They are another good snack that help improve your dog's dental hygiene. Be careful though, as carrots are full of sugar and so should be only be given as an occasional treat.

5. Radishes



If your dog is a fan of radishes, it is good news for their health. Radishes are full of vitamins and potassium. Without going overboard, they make a good snack every now and then.

6. Pumpkins


Pumpkins are also great for your dog's health and particularly aid their urinary system. They also help with digestion.

7. Spinach


Although famous for its iron content, it is the calcium in spinach which is excellent for your dogs bones. It has even been known to prevent cancer. If your dog likes spinach, give them lots.

8. Green beans

Rich in fibre, green beans are low in calories and contain numerous vitamins. Another brilliant snack!

9. Watermelon


Not only is watermelon great for hydration, it also contains lots of antioxidants. We love eating it on a hot day, and your dog will too. Make sure you take out the pips though as they are dangerous for dogs.

10. Blueberries


As an occasional treat, blueberries help fill in the gaps left by an unvaried diet. They are particularly full of antioxidants. But don’t give your dog too many as they can be a little difficult to digest.

11. Pears



An excellent sweet treat. Generally dogs have a bit of a sweet tooth and so adore the juice, texture and sweetness of pears. They are also full of fibre.

12. Sweet potatoes


Don’t hesitate to give your dog sweet potatoes whenever you can. They will make them nice and strong. Rich in amino acids, sweet potatoes are great for your dog’s muscles.Beware, not all fruit and veg are good for your dog. Some can be poisonous for them. To find out more check out this list of the 13 foods you should never give your dog.