12 Dogs Tested Positive For Cocaine In New Greyhound Racing Scandal


Greyhound racing is notorious for the danger it poses to the animals. When they're not facing broken bones or paralysis on the track, they are kept in kennels, deprived of human affection.

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And all too often when they're 'too old' to race, they get killed or discarded, as young as 18 months.Florida is one of 10 U.S. states which still allows Greyhound racing, despite over 700 dogs dying from injuries between 2008 and 2014.Some trainers in Florida are so desperate to win, that they've been giving their animals cocaine before races.

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Twelve Greyhounds tested positive for cocaine in Florida during March and April. The trainer involved,Charles McClellan, has been called "threat to animals in his control, custody and care" according to court documents.He lost his job as a trainer following these reports and will face trial in August.But the real problem doesn't stop with him. There have been 62 cases of dogs testing positive for cocaine since 2008.

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Many of the Greyhounds had the drug in their system during their best races, leading investigators to believe that it was purposeful drugging. One had cocaine in his system six different times he was tested.You can do your part to help these animals by signing this petition calling for an end to Greyhound racing. Abandoned or rescued former racing dogs are also up for adoption,here.

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