11-Year-Old Raises Over $61K for Animals with Lemonade Stand


Delanie Dennis, an 11-year-old from Tampa, Florida, has been raising money for local animal rescues through her lemonade stand since 2019. The stand has raised over $61,000, and each month, the proceeds are donated to an animal rescue organization of Delanie's choice. Delanie’s passion for helping animals began at the age of 7 when she came up with the idea to sell lemonade. Her family opened her lemonade stand, called Delanie's Lemonade Stand, in their Tampa restaurant five years ago.

"I believe that somewhere out there, animals have a forever home," Delanie told "Good Morning America." "If you buy a lemonade, you can help the animals." Delanie's hard work and dedication have made her mark as part of the next generation of animal advocates. In 2022, she was recognized by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as the organization's "Kid of the Year."

Delanie not only raises money for animals but also volunteers her time at her favorite animal rescue, where her pet donkey, Burrito, resides. She also hosts an annual rescue event called "Squeeze the Day," where people can adopt animals. "I want to inspire my generation to help animals," Delanie told "GMA." "The future is that hopefully animals' lives will all be changed."

Delanie's mom, Julie Dennis, said, "It's been truly inspiring to see someone at such a young age with such a passion for people and animals to make things happen and make a change. It's heartwarming."

During an appearance on "Good Morning America," Delanie received a $2,500 donation to her lemonade stand from Veterinary Emergency Group, a veterinary hospital with locations across the country. Delanie said the money would be donated to the organization she is supporting this month, a nonprofit that helps rescue English Mastiffs in Florida.

Delanie's lemonade stand has become a shining example of how even the smallest idea can have a big impact. Her story reminds us that anyone, regardless of their age, can make a difference in the world.