11 Year-Old "Pet "Fox Seized By Authorities, Activists Come To Her Aid

Andrea A.

On the 24th of January 2018, 61 year-old Chantal from Moulicent in central France was unpleasantly surprised at home by members of the police and l'Office National de la Chasse et des Forêts (ONCF), a French authority concerned which overlooks hunting and national forests in France.They had come to confiscateCâline, an 11 year-old fox that had been tamed by Chantal as a cub.

Source : Chantal Foucault

Another Moulicent resident had discovered the animal in 2007, among a litter of fox cubs. Unfortunately, Câline was the only survivor.The man who had discovered the fox immediately brought her to the vet, who in turn contacted Chantal, who had cared for two foxes in the past.Since then, the fox had become a part of Chantal's family. Chantal expresed her distress after being visited by the ONCF:

 I've taken her in, I've always taken good care of her, I don't understand why they've done this!

Source : Le Perche

Unfortunately, the French law is clear. No-one may possess a wild animal - particularly in the case of foxes, who are considered harmful,despite the fact that Câline is vaccinated, tame and even possesses a passport.The association 4 Sabots et 1 Fer, created in 2010, decided to support Chantal and help her getCâline back. Valeria Orfila, the head of the organisation, said:

I've brought a complaint to the animal protection society, because following the disappearance of Câline, we don't even know if she's okay.

Source : Chantal Foucault

The case has been taken on by Isabelle Terrin, a lawyer for the Merseille bar. She explained:

What I don't understand is how, after eleven years, when the fox is approaching the end of her life, someone could expose the animal to such trauma and stress...

4 Sabots & 1 Fer has launched a petition to getCâline back to Chantal. You can sign it here.

Source : France Bleue

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