11 Ways You know Your Cat Is Basically Your Baby


People adore their furry friends - it's just a fact. Whether they're big, small, energetic, or a lazy ball of fluff, you will definitely see their human giving them as much fuss as they would their own child!Many pet parents even call their kitties their babies... So how do you know if your love for cats has turned into a full-on obsession? Find out below!

1. You buy them all the toys they could ever want

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You were only going out for some kibble, but somehow you came back with 3 catnip mice, 12 crinkle balls and a cat fortress.

2. You sign their names in family cards


Felix wants to spread Christmas cheer too! Bonus points if you get them to sign with a paw-print.

3. They sleep in your bed

Source: Wonderopolis

Children aren't the only ones who get nightmares... Plus Cleo makes an excellent hot water bottle.

4. You drop everything when they're ill 

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You've been on hand for everything: Runny noses, diarrhea... Odds are you've had some sort of nasty fluid on you. Truly, you are the most sacrificing of feline parents.

5. You call them your baby

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Even when they're 15 years old and grumpier than your grandpa.

6. You've considered putting them in your will 

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After all, who will look after Precious when you're gone? And how else will they know that she only eats hand cooked salmon?

7. Once they went missing and you cried 

Source: Twitter

It was only for 3 hours, but it was still the most traumatic experience of your life.

8. You talk to them all the time...'s a fun mixture of human speech and miaowing, but it's definitely a very in depth discussion.

9. ...And you talk about them all the time!

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Your friends have stopped complaining and now enjoy your daily/hourly updates on Hugo's habits.

10. You've gone panicking to the vet's for the tiniest of problems

Source: PetMD

"What do you MEAN cats sneeze too?! Can you do all the tests anyway, just to check?"

11. You tidy up after them. All the time

Source: Reddit

You swear your cat is worse than a teenager, as you pick up the 23 toys and the dead mouse they left scattered around the living room last night.But most of all, you know your cat is your baby because you see them as part of your family and you love them unconditionally.

Source: WebMD

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