11 Things That Only People Completely Crazy About Dogs Will Get

There are people that like dogs, and then there are peoplethat are completely crazy about them! If that sounds like you, you will be very familiar with these situations...

1. If there's a dog at a party, you can forget about the other guests. 


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2. You just can't stop yourself from petting dogs when you come across them in the street...

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3. ... And when a dog is waiting for his parent to get back, you are quite happy to keep him company.

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4. You sometimes think about giving it all up to become a dog-walker. 


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5. Cat-lovers confuse you.

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5. It doesn't seem strange to Skype your dog. 


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6. You worry you'll end up with 70 dogs at home because you just can't say no.


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7. You cry when a dog dies in a film, but the death of a person leaves you dry-eyed. 

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8.   90% of the social media pages you follow are dedicated to dogs.


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9. You wave at all the dogs you see in the street. And you think it's completely normal.

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10. You are shy and avoid meeting new humans, but are super-extroverted around dogs.


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11. You are wary of people who don't like dogs, but have total confidence in the judgement of a dog who doesn't like someone. 

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