11 Reasons To Treat Your Pup To a Box Full Of Christmas Goodies

Here at Holidog, we like making our canine friends as happy as possible. So if your dog has never tried a HappyBox then you've never seen them so excited. It's our monthly box full of yummy treats and pawesome toys, and with Christmas round the corner, there couldn't be a better time to get one.Treat your dog to a box full of yummy Christmas treats with the code HOLIDOGTIMES for free delivery charges (only for our readers!) Click on our site HappyBox to grab one now. :)HURRY - you only have until 3rd December to order your HappyBox so that it arrives in time for Christmas!

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Everyone in the family deserves a present under the Christmas tree. And that means your amazing dog does too! Well, our elves at Holidog have been sniffing out the best presents for your pup this Christmas and compiled a whole box full of them.We thought we'd show you some pups who have already received aHappyBoxso you can see just how excited they are to receive a load of goodies. Wait till you see the treats we've put in our Christmax HappyBox - we're sure it's our best yet!These 11 photos are proof that your pup willbe over the moon to receive our Christmas HappyBox:

1. "Pleeaaase can you open it, Mum?!"


Source: @SolveigSteffens

2. We've definitely lost Alfie for the whole day now...


Source: @CockapooAlfie

3. Watch out - Ja√Įa¬†won't let anyone else's paws on her box...


Source: @bistofly77

4. This pup Nine is salivating at the thought of her box of goodies.


Source: @james_the_english_bulldog

5. Bella here can't believe her luck!


Source: @DalmationBella

6. Autumn loves her box of treats so much, she even takes it with her on walks!


Source: @AutumnsGreatAdventures

7. Eyes on the prize - Junior has been dreaming of his heart-shaped treats all day.


Source: @Holidog

8. And James adores the cheesy chicken breast treats - yum!


Source: @james_the_english_bulldog

9. Kafka takes his fire hose toy to the park!


Source: @EucalyptusEater

10. Whilst this adorable cockapoo likes destroying it at home.


Source: @Holidog

11. Finally, Sommer's knocked out after playing with her favourite HappyBox toy all day!


Source: @SommerTheCockapoo

If there was ever an excuse to spoilyour pup with the best hand-picked treats and toysin the world, surely it's Christmas?! Well our December HappyBoxis waiting for you at Holidog headquarters. :)But HURRY - you only have until 3rd December to order your HappyBox if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas Day!And remember, whenyour lucky pupgets their deliciousHappyBox, share their excitementwith the hashtag#HappyBoxLove:)

Featured image: @james_the_english_bulldog

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