11 Of The Greatest Canine Photobombs In Existence


When there are websites, YouTube channels, Instagrams and Facebook pages entirely devoted to dogs, it's not hard to see why some of our canine companions can get a little bit camera hungry!Even when their humans are trying to get pictures of their families, a lovely bit of scenery, or just take a selfie, these pooches have gotten a taste for the spotlight - and they're here to take it by any means they can:

1. This wacky scene-stealer

Source: imgur

2. Even engagement photos aren't safe...

Source: Facebook/DnK Photography

3. It's not only photos either - some humans can't even have a Skype call to themselves

Source: imgur

4. Even the Pope has been upstaged by a starry-eyed pup!

Source: AP

5. A touching, intimate wedding photo? Incomplete without a dog.

Source: Instagram/sheamcgrathphotography

6. "Excuse me, but I think this photo is missing something, and that something is me."

Source: boredpanda

7. "Hmm... I feel like you were trying to take a photo without me..."

Source: tumblr

8. "Is this how we smile? Yes?"

Source: tumblr

9. A surprise attack from offside

Source: reddit

10. "Don't worry! The most important family member is here, we can take the photo now."

Source: imgur

11. And this Certified Good Boy, helping with his human's proposal... Or maybe trying to gatecrash it

Source: reddit

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