11 Of The Funniest Dog Memes That Will Make You Burst Out Laughing


Dogs: Man's best friend, our faithful companions... And also the world's best comedians!Their hilarious expressions and happy-go-lucky natures make everything seem better when we're at our worst, so here are some of the funniest dog memes to brighten up your day:

1. That summer feeling...

Source: Twitter/tank.sinatra

2. When you get to work and haven't quite woken up yet

Source: KnowYourMeme

3. A terrible crime has been committed

Source: Reddit

3. This happy pooch

Source: Twitter/Unilad

4. How all dogs probably talk

Source: Reddit

5. This dog, discovering how exhausting motherhood can be

Source: Reddit

6. She's so excited to help out!

Source: Reddit

7. When the kids are being loud and it's all a bit much

Source: KnowYourMeme

8. He's being raised the right way

Source: Twitter/tbheva

9. A master of disguise

Source: me.me

10. And finally, this adorable little Irish pug

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbwLiGHrPmQWe hope these pictures made you laugh and remember just how wonderful our canine companions can be!

* * *

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