11 Goofy Things All Devoted Dog Parents Secretly Do


Here at Holidog, we're a community of trustworthy animal lovers. So your secret's safe with us. We know some of you dog parents have let your dog walk on the grass that is totally off limits. And don't tell us you've never let them lick your spoon...There's nothing to be ashamed of, at the end of the day, it just shows we absolutely adore our four-legged companions!Here are 11 goofy things that all devoted doggy parents secretly, or not so secretly, do:

1. You say "bless you" when your dog sneezes.


Source: @Logan_Lane

2. You won't go near a dirty spoon, but kissing your dog is totally legit.


Source: @alexis_i

3. Admit it, you've let your dog go on the grass which is off-limits.


Source: @BarkPost

5. You sometimes whisper secrets in your dog's ear.


Source: @DaisyMaeSavannah

6. The 'no dogs on the furniture' rule didn't last long when you saw this face.


Source: @jnybrvo

7. And that 'no dogs on the clean sheets' rule quickly went out of the window!


Source: @DobbysDogLife

8. You make weird sounds just to see your dog's head tilt.


Source: @HunterThePitsky

9. You've definitely signed a card with your dog's paw!


Source: @peidayeveryday

10. You "accidentally" drop food from the table so that your dog can have it (although this is not advised...)


Source: @Fabienne

11. You lift up your dog's paw pretending you guys can shake hands!


Source: @MaryJaneSTS

What other goofy things do you do with your dog while no one's looking? Let us know in the comments below!