10 Dog Breeds That Are Absolutely Great With Kids


If you've got a child, or children, and are looking to expand your pack to include a four-legged friend too then you should put careful consideration into choosing a dog that has the right temperament to be around kids. Thefollowing 10 dog breedsare known for being exceptionally goodwith children,tolerating all of their pokes, heavy petting and occasional ear pulling. They are also particularly kind, nurturing and protective of kidstoo.

1. Boxer


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Boxers are famous for their love of children. This relatively big dog lovesto cuddleand they are very gentle with children despite their playful temperament.

2. Beagle


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Beagles are always up forplaying a game with your kid. Smart, friendly, and happy, the Beagle loves showing their affection for their family and their friends too!

3. Bulldog


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TheBulldog is a perfect playmate for your kids.Despite their strong build, they are perfectly gentle with children and adults alike. They may not be the most energetic dog but they are fiercely loyal and protective.

4. Golden Retriever


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TheGolden Retrieveris anenergetic, kind, and loyal dog. They areextremely patient and never aggressive, which is perfect for kids. Although it is very active and requires quite a lot of exercise, playingwith your kids makes thateasy!

5. Bull Terrier

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Unfairly discriminated against as a so-called 'dangerous breed', theBull Terrieris the perfect companion for your kids. They are friendly, loving and protective towards grown-ups and kids alike. Their playful nature makes them great for a family with a few children.

6. Collie


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Remember Lassie? Colliesare a very gentle breed whoget along very wellwith children. They love to please their owners and protect their family.

7. Labrador Retriever


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This is one of the most popular dog breeds for families, and no wonder.Labrador Retrievers are playful and affectionate with kids and adults alike. They are alsopatient and protective, making the Labrador one of the most reliable breeds out there.

8. Newfoundland


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Remember Nana the dog in Peter Pan? Well, Newfoundlands really are the best babysitters for your kids. These gentle giants love children and arevery protective of them. Loyal, kind, and patient, every member of the family will fall in love with their Newfoundland.

9. Irish Setter


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TheIrish Setteris known for its gorgeous red coat, but that's not all. They are playful, energetic, and love people, particularlychildren. This breed does require a fair amount of exercise so they'd be perfect forenergetic kids.

10. Mixed Breeds


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Finally, don't forget all thoserescue dogs inshelters, a lot of them are mixed breeds which gives them a host of lovely characteristics. And theydeserve a loving home and will often be more docile and well-tempered.NB.We're sure there are plenty of other breeds that are just as excellent as these pups with kids. It's important to note that breed isn't the only determining factor in terms of a dog being suitable for children or your family. It ultimately comes down to a lot of factors like their temperament,size and energy levels, as well as the human who brought them up.