11 Cats Who Really, Really Regret Their Life Choices


Cats are the agile, graceful gymnasts of the animal kingdom. So flexible that they're often described as being made of liquid or elastic rather than solid fluff, there's nothing that cats can't climb or squeeze into.But that doesn't mean that they can always get out of the strange places they sneak into!Here are some felines who really, really regret their life choices and ended up in some rather odd situations:

1. "Hmm? Oh, yeah, I totally meant to do this. Totally."

Source: Twitter/darthweger

2. All she wanted was a tissue

Source: imgur

3. "I'm not stuck, I'm just doing my yoga."

Source: imgur

4. This tiny kitten picked the wrong spot for his den

Source: tumblr

5. "Look. It doesn't matter HOW I got here, all that matters is how YOU are going to get me out!"

6. This fuzzy guy isn't sure how he got here himself

Source: tumblr

7. Curiosity didn't kill this cat, but it did get her face stuck in a plastic cup

Source: tumblr

8. "...I was thirsty?"

9. Example no.2340 of cats defying the laws of reality

10. "You could help me instead of laughing and getting the camera..."

Source: Twitter/aktfps

11. "...I can explain?"

H/t: Buzzfeed

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