1000 Tiny Chicks Were Abandoned In A Field In The Middle Of Winter


An investigation is underway in the East of England to determinehow nearly 1000 chicks ended up dumped in the middle of a field last week Friday, close to Peterborough."I have never seen anything like it, it was just a sea of yellow," said an inspector for theRoyal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Source : RSPCA

The chicks were extremely fragile, and unsurprisingly, several of them did not survive. But luckily, the majority of the tiny animals made it through the ordeal, in part thanks to passers-by who put them into boxes and warmed them up next to each other.


Source : RSPCA

Animal services investigators believe the chicks belonged to a poultry farmer in the region and that they were voluntarily abandoned in the field by a third party.


The poultry farmer in question is now a key witness and is cooperating with authorities during the investigation.[embed][/embed]

H/t: TheHuffingtonPost

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