10 Unforgettable Places To Walk Your Dog In Dublin


Dublin may not have a reputation for being a particularly dog-friendly city, but it does have plenty of fantastic spots to take your dog on a walk. And many of these are just a stone's throw from the city centre.So if you're on the hunt for some great new places to walk your dog in Dublin, look no further!

1. St Anne's Park

st annespark


Address: St Anne's Park, Clontarf/Raheny, Dublin 5


St Anne's Park is a great all-round spot to take your dog on a walk. Firstly, it's deceptively big: it's the second largest municipal park in Dublin, built on a former estate owned by the Guinness family in 1885, and is made up of several different terrains so it's a suitable walk for all levels of mobility (for both humans and dogs).There's a flat pathway through the park, rougher wooded patches with little hills for the dogs to climb, an official dog park section where they can be let off the leash, and even a small stream if they fancy a quick dip! Other features include various rose and walled gardens, a lovely duck pond, a playground and a number of follies.

2. Dollymount Strand



Address: Dollymount Strand, Bull Island,  Clontarf/Raheny, Dublin 5

dollymount strand map

Dollymount is a fantastic 5 km stretch of dunes and sandy beach, located on the National Nature Reserve and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Bull Island. You can access it from the famous wooden bridge in Clontarf or via the Causeway Road, a further kilometre down the road, and both spots have ample parking and a path that leads you to the seafront.You'll love Dollymount, not just for the walk but also for the stunning views of Dublin bay, stretching from Dub Laoighre pier to the iconic Poolbeg Towers, all the way to Howth Head. It's also a great spot to watch the windsurfers rocketing along!

3. Phoenix Park

phoenix park


Address: Phoenix Park, Dublin 8

phoenix park map

Phoenix Park is a huge urban park situated just on the edge of the city centre, north of the River Liffey. It is one of the largest walled city parks in Europe, with an 11 km perimeter wall enclosing 1,750 acres. There are endless possibilities here for walks with your pooch. You could stroll around the Wellington Monument, past the duck pond to the Papal Cross, where you can chill out with the wild fallow deer.You can walk the entire length of the park down Chesterfield Avenue, where there is a path, and a well-worn grass path further in to keep your dog safely away from traffic. You could also meander though large open areas of grassland and in and out of the endless wooded copses.

4. Irish National War Memorial Gardens / Liffey Walk



Address: Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge, Dublin 8

Irish war memrial park

The Irish National War Memorial Garden is a lovely spot for a walk. The gardens are dedicated to the memory of 49,400 Irish soldiers who died in the 1914 – 1918 war. These gardens are not only a place of remembrance but also of great architectural interest and beauty. It also boasts sunken rose gardens, herbaceous borders and wide open grassy areas that make for an enjoyable visit for doggies.If you want to extend your walk, the river Liffey runs along the bottom of the park. You can walk westward on a path along the banks and allow your dog to have a quick swim, providing the current is safe.

5. Griffith Park

griffith park


Address: Glasnevin/Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Griffit park

Griffith Park is a small enough spot but it is lovely. It is situated on the Tolka River, just downstream from the National Botanic Gardens. The park is just 7.5 hectares, but it is a great spot for dogs as they can paddle in the river and are allowed off their leads in the hour before it closes!

6. Ticknock

view of Dublin bay and pool beg towers from tic knock


Address: Ticknock, located in the Dublin Mountains (clear directions here)


Ticknock offers up to 10 km of mountain and forest walks, with some spectacular views of the Wicklow Mountains and Dublin Bay. You can climb to the summit of the Three Rock Mountain or Two Rock Mountain, and Ticknock is also a possible starting point for the Wicklow Way.The main forest walking paths are easily accessible for children and people with lower levels of fitness. However, if you walk the Wicklow Way from here, many parts are pretty strenuous, so you'll a fairly fit dog and owner to carry on this trail. It's also advised that walkers proceed well-equipped with waterproof clothing, strong shoes, a drink, a map and compass.

7. Killiney Hill

killiney hill


Address: Killiney Hill Park, Killiney Hill Road, Dublin 18 (directions)

killiney hill

Killiney Hill is absolute doggy central, and the forest that spans Killiney Hill and Dalkey Hill makes for a fantastic walk with your pooch. You can take several different trails from the start of Killiney Hill (at the car park): if you head off to the right you'll be taken through forest paths and up to the top of Killiney Hill, where there are phenomenal views of the Dublin Mountains and the sea. If you head to the left, the paths there will bring you to the Dalkey quarry from where you can survey all of south Dublin. Both walks loop in a circle and will take you back to the car park.

8. Sandymount Strand


Address: Sandymount Strand, Strand Road, Dublin 4

sandy mount strand

Sandymount strand is a great spot for a walk with your dog. With stunning views of  Dublin Bay, you can't go too wrong heading out here. The strand stretches for 1.5km, but when the tide is out you can make it into a more substantial walk by heading out to meet the tide first before heading southwards along the strand. If you don't like sand or if the tide is in, there is an upper path and small green area that runs the length of the strand.

9. Marley Park

marlay park


Address: Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, Co. Dublin

marly park

Marlay Park is a great 300 acre suburban public park located in Rathfarnham in Dún Laoghaire. The parkland comprises woodlands, ponds, walks, and most importantly, it has an enclosed area for dogs. The dog park is a large hedged area, within which dogs can be let off their leads. This gives them the freedom to run around at their own pace and also to interact socially with other dogs.

10. The Hellfire Club

montpellier hill


Address: The Hellfire Club, Montpelier Hill Co. Dublin


The walk to the Hellfire Club is a short one at roughly 4.5km, but it's well worth it since it's full of spectacular views across Dublin city. While your walk may not be that long, your pooch will get a ton of exercise in bounding up and down the hilly landscape! The walk is circular and can be done in either direction, but we recommend going clockwise to best enjoy the views on the return leg.Please share with all your Dublin doggie friends, and feel free to comment and let us know what parks you love most in Dublin!

Featured Image: @TheDogist