10 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect Companions For Lazy People


Are you a couch potato? Do you prefer "Netflix and Chill" to jogging around the park? Well then, these 10 dog breeds would be your pawfect companions! After all, cuddles are way more fun than exercise!NB. All of these dogs do still need regular exercise, but you probably won't need to take them for hour-long walks in the park!

1. English Bulldog


Source: @daarlala

Without doubt, these guys are some of the laziest dogs in town. Of course, they do need a bit of exercise every day to keep them from getting overweight. But for the rest of the time, this lot are very happy sleeping and cuddling you all day. Oh, and making you laugh!

2. French Bulldog


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Frenchies are pretty similar to their English cousin, in that they absolutely love their sleep. More lively, this hilarious lot will have you in stitchessnorting and snuffing on your lap.

3. Greyhound

13 Of The Laziest Dog Breeds Ever BowWow Times

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Most peoplethink thatGreyhounds require lots of exercise because they can run very fast. In fact, most Greyhounds are very gentle and quiet, who prefer relaxing in the comfort of their own home to long walks in the park.

4. Pug


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Pugs have very narrowbreathing passageways so they can't exercise too much as they have trouble breathing. But that's fine because they'd prefer to be snoozing on your lap anyway!

5. Chihuahua

13 Of The Laziest Dog Breeds Ever BowWow Times

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Being the smallest dog breed in the world, Chihuahuas do not require much exercise. They get tired quickly! That's why they like you carrying them about everywhere!

6. Bull Mastiff


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Despite their giant size, Bull Mastiffs don't actually require much activity outdoors. They're extremely laid back pups, who are very happy napping most of the day or watching TV besidetheir human.

7. Shih-Tzu


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The Shih-Tzu was bred to be the Chinese Emperor's lap dog and they're still very happy staying on their human's lap! They can't wait to cuddle up to you for a movie marathon after a casual, short walk in the evening.

8. Yorkshire Terrier

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If you search "lazy Yorkie" on YouTube, you'd be surprised by the number of hits you'd get! This lot may be perky and playful but that doesn't mean they don't absolutely adore their naptime.

9. Dachshund


Source: @ReggieandZeus

With their short little legs, Dachshunds don't need to spend hours in the park. They'd rather entrench themselves on the couch next to you, getting lots of love and attention.

10. Basset Hound


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Basset Hounds are calm and lazy dogs who like chilling about their home, and having cuddles with their family. They do need to have some exercise though as this bulky lotcan easilyget overweight.