10 Clear Signs That Your Dog Is Dehydrated. And How To Stop It Happening


With summer rapidly approaching, it's time to pay a little more attention to your pet's water consumption.

A dog needs lots of water, and will get quickly dehydrated if he doesn't drink enough and/ or loses too much bodily fluid, something that can happen very easily in the heat.


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Dehydration is very common in dogs, but it can have severe consequences if not caught in time.

We've put together a list of the signs of dehydration that you should be aware of, so you can pre-empt any complications.


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The early signs

1. Your dog seems tired and has sunken eyes.2. He seems nervous.3.He licks his lips very frequently.4. He is breathing quickly and loudly.5. His back is hot.6. His nose is dry, as are his mouth and gums.Make sure these areas are wet. If your finger cannot slide easily over his gums, your dog is dehydrated.


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Signs of the later stages

7. His skin has lost its elasticity.You can check this by pinching your dog's skin. Take the skin at the top of his back (around the shoulders or the lower part of his neck). If the gathered skin takes more than a few seconds to go back to normal, it's a sign of low skin elasticity, which usually indicatesdehydration.8. His urine is very concentrated, or he is not going to the toilet. Just like humans, when an animal doesn't take in enough water, his urine will be a very dark yellow colour. If his bladder is completely empty, he will not urinate at all.9. He has diarrhoea. This sign should be taken very seriously, because diarrhoea will only make dehydration worse.10. He is vomiting. Again, this creates a dangerous vicious circle, because your dog will lose even more fluids by vomiting.

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If you notice that your pup has one of these symptoms, the first step is to give him clean, fresh water straight away, and make sure he drinks it.If his symptoms don't go away soon, take him to the vet.Be careful that you don't forceyour pet to take in large volumes of water when he is dehydrated. Make sure he drinks slowly and gradually.However, you can avoid all of these problems by providing your dog with clean water throughout the day. Remember that a dog needs at least 30g of water for every kg of body mass.In addition, make sure to carefully wash your pet's bowl every day to stop bacteria from forming.

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